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I'M IN (Innovation, Mentorship, and INvestment) as an organization has emerged as a driving force in empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and fostering innovation in the tech startup ecosystem. With its diverse range of programs and initiatives, IM IN has become a catalyst for transforming ideas into fully-fledged tech-enabled businesses.

main accelerator programme

Our 10-month Accelerator program supports black-owned technology startups by providing them with the necessary resources and expertise to achieve commercial sustainability. Our mission is to create a pipeline of investment-ready startups that can secure follow-on capital, explore commercial opportunities, and stimulate ecosystem growth.

The program includes up to 2 million in pre-seed funding, tech support, business skills training, mentorship, coaching, and assistance in forming local or international partnerships. We are committed to fostering the growth and success of early-stage tech startups through comprehensive support and collaboration opportunities.

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Our 6-month pre-accelerator program is tailored for early-stage black women entrepreneurs with technology proof of concepts. This innovative pipeline is focused on enhancing the investment readiness of black women entrepreneurs.

The program provides access to angel investment of up to R250k, comprehensive business development support, training in essential business skills, growth hacking strategies, and connections to potential markets.

We offer mentorship and coaching to guide your entrepreneurial journey, access to a network of previous program alumni for community connections and collaborations, and technology support to develop your business prototype. Additionally, we provide back-office support to ensure your venture's success.

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ideation programme

The Ideation Incubator program is designed to empower individuals from non-traditional tech and tech-enabled entrepreneurship backgrounds. It bridges the gap by offering mentorship, guidance, and a clear path to accessing vital capital.

This program provides a unique chance for participants to address their community's challenges, whether it's a rural medication delivery service or a talent discovery platform.

We, at I'M IN, in collaboration with partners, aim to equip these individuals to contribute their underrepresented voices to the local tech ecosystem.

This exclusive initiative targets female students with tech startup ideas. In a 3-month timeframe, selected qualifying female students receive an equity-free investment of R50,000, covering stipends, data, laptop costs, business skills training, and access to the I'M IN ecosystem.

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supportive ecosystem

Through our content, talks, and workshops, we build a supportive ecosystem for startup founders, funders, investors, corporates, policymakers, and experts to enable their journey.

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